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Title: Geologic Float Guide to Big Piney Creek, Helton's Farm to Twin Bridges, Pope County Arkansas
Series Num: GB 2010-1
Author: Angela Chandler, Richard Hutto
Price: $15.50
Year Published: 2010
Description: This geo-float guide leads you through a section of Big Piney Creek in Pope County, Arkansas and describes various points of geological interest along the way. It is designed to be used on one continuous float trip from Helton’s Farm to Twin Bridges, a distance of about 13.6 river miles. The float can be broken up into two sections with Long Pool Campground being the intermediary take out or starting point for a shorter trip. The upper section is about 8.8 miles in length, and the lower about 4.8 miles. Stream gradient is about 15 feet per mile on the upper section, and 9 feet per mile on the lower., 27 pages, 22 figures
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