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Title: The Jackfork Formation Of Arkansas: A Test For The Walker-Mutti-Vail Models For Deep-Sea Fan Deposition
Series Num: GB 94-2
Author: Curtis Eugene Breckon, James L., Jr. Coleman, Gordon Van Swearingen
Price: $8.00
Year Published: 1994
Description: This 1-day trip examines the functionality of widely used, deep-sea fan models to adequately predict facies succession of a deep-sea fan complex. The Jackfork Formation is used as a type example for testing of this hypothesis. Six stops are described in detail, including DeRoche Ridge Highway 7 roadcut, DeGray Lake exposures (eastern shore), DeGray Dam Intake section, DeGray Spillway, DeGray Dam powerhouse, and Murray quarry, all in Clark County. Individual field-trip site information includes key reference, location, and discussion of pertinent features of each outcrop relating to the various models cited below. Included in the report are: •History of Model Development and description of the Walker Model, the Mutti Model,and the Vail Model •Discussion of problems with models and requirements for effective models •An alternative point of view: the futility of the general application of models •Discussion of the regional basin setting of the Jackfork Formation, age, paleoenvironmental interpretations, and the Jackfork depositional basin, including factors controlling Jackfork deposition •Maps of the Early Carboniferous paleogeographic setting and Morrow paleogeography in the Ouachita Basin •Location map of field trip stops •15.5 foot-long foldout of the DeGray area stratigraphic column, in pocket , 56 pages, 35 figures
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