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Title: Fresh-Water Aquifers Of Crittenden County, Arkansas
Series Num: WRC 8
Author: Raymond O. Plebuch
Price: $1.50
Year Published: 1961
Description: This report describes the occurrence, availability, movement, recharge, discharge, and chemical quality of the ground water in Crittenden County, Arkansas. It includes: •Discussions of the geography, geology, ground-water movement, permeability, recharge and discharge, chemical quality of the water, and generalized stratigraphy •A map showing locations of 3 cross sections in the study area •Three fold out cross sections with correlations based on electric logs and one page-sized cross section •A fold out map depicting well locations used in this study •Map showing thickness of surficial clay in the study area •Four maps depicting depth to water and water table in Quaternary deposits for December 1957, March 1958, June 1958, and October 1958 •Hydrograph of a selected well over a 23 month period •Two graphs showing variation of iron and total hardness with well depth in water from Quaternary deposits •Soils map of Crittenden County •Lithology logs of 25 wells used in this study •A table depicting the record of wells in the study area, including such headings as location, owner, driller, collar elevation, date of completion, type of well, depth of well, diameter, stratigraphic unit, depth to water below surface, date of water level measurement, type of pump, well yield, and use •A table showing depth to water in 161 Quaternary wells •Table showing partial chemical analyses of water from 6 selected wells sourcing Quaternary deposits, including total iron, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulfate, chloride, nitrate, hardness (total and noncarbonate), specific conductance, pH (field and laboratory) , 65 pages, 19 figures
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