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Title: Subsurface Geology And Related Oil And Gas Possibilities Of Northeastern Arkansas
Series Num: B 20
Author: William M. Caplan
Price: $5.00
Year Published: 1954
Description: This publication contains: •Detailed lithologic descriptions of the formations present in northeast Arkansas •Discussions of each formation's distribution, thickness, character, correlation, stratigraphic relationships, and production possibility •An estimate of the oil and gas possibilities for each of the major series of rocks (Paleozoic, Cretaceous, Igneous) •An extensive bibliography •Numerous illustrations, including well location map, structural contour maps, Cretaceous isopach map, paleogeologic map on the pre-Upper Cretaceous surface, 5 cross sections, two stratigraphic charts, and a Paleozoic oil and gas possibilities map. , 124 pages, 5 figures
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