Arkansas Geological Survey
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Title: Earthquakes And Earthquake History Of Arkansas
Series Num: IC 26
Author: Kern C. Jackson
Price: $6.00
Year Published: 1979
Description: This report discusses basic earthquake information, including describing what an earthquake is, how earthquake damage is evaluated, earthquake prediction, how earthquakes are recorded, the travel path of body waves through the earth, zonation within the earth, and solving earthquake source mechanisms. It discusses earthquake activity within the 6 seismic belts of Arkansas and presents a summary of earthquake activity and effects relative to the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812. It contains a chronological listing of all known earthquake activity in Arkansas from 1843 to 1978. It also contains: •A seismic risk map for the conterminous United States •A foldout of a sample seismograph record •Map of active seismic regions in the central United States •Cross-section of the Nemaha Arch , 70 pages, 0 figures
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