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Title: Geology Of The Uranium-Bearing Black Shale Of Late Devonian Age In North-Central Arkansas
Series Num: IC 22
Author: Vernon E. Swanson, Edwin R. Landis
Price: $4.00
Year Published: 1962
Description: This report describes the lithology, mineralogy, and uranium-related chemistry of a uraniferous black shale deposit in Marion County. At the time of its discovery, the samples of Chattanooga shale from this site yielded the highest values of uranium for black shale in the United States. The report includes: •A sample location map •A fold-out restored cross-section of north Arkansas during the Mississippian •A fold-out block diagram showing probable paleogeography of north-central Arkansas during the Devonian •A sketch drawing of the outcrop where the original discovery was made •A table of uranium analyses of 20 black shale samples from Marion County •A table of semi-quantitative spectroscopic analyses of 11 transition elements and uranium •A plot of the distribution of metals in samples of black shale from Marion County and from the Chattanooga and Woodford shales of Arkansas and Oklahoma •A plate of photomicrographs of organic materials in black shale from the study area
16 pages, 6 figure(s)
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