Arkansas Geological Survey
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Title: Data For The Assessment Of Federal Coal Resources Of Arkansas
Series Num: IC 20M
Author: George W. Colton, William V. Bush
Price: $10.00
Year Published: 1982
Description: This report presents a variety of data related to the assessment of Federal coal reserves in Arkansas. It includes: •A general discussion of the geology, stratigraphy, and structure of the formations containing potentially mineable coal beds •30 blackline reduced scale topographic maps with coal sites, outcrop of coal beds, structure, and site identification numbers •A table containing basic data for coal localities in west-central Arkansas, including location (GLO, lat.-long., and UTM grid), formation and coal bed name, thickness, elevation, coal analyses (if available), source of data •A table containing proximate and ultimate analyses of coal beds in study area •A table of major, minor, and trace-element composition of coal samples, reported on a whole-coal basis •A table of major and minor oxide and trace-element composition of laboratory ash of coal samples from Arkansas •An extensive reference list related to coal, coal analysis, coal mining, and methods of sampling for coal analysis , 73 pages, 4 figures
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