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Title: Inventory Of Surface And Underground Coal Mines In The Arkansas Valley Coal Field
Series Num: IC 20L
Author: William V. Bush, Lonnie B. Gilbreath
Price: $12.00 NULL
Year Published: 1978
Description: This report presents a summary of information concerning coal and its mining and production. The purpose of the report is to identify disturbed lands and land that has been reclaimed by the publication date. It contains: •Descriptions of the types of mining used to extract coal in Arkansas •An explanation of the Reclamation Regulations, 1977 •Stratigraphic chart showing relationships of coal beds to formations •Average analysis of coal beds from the Arkansas Valley coal field •Graph of coal production in Arkansas from 1880-1977 •Small scale map showing distribution of named coal fields in the Arkansas Valley •Cross section of Greenwood syncline showing types of surface and underground coal mines •Two coal company maps displaying plan view of underground mines •Table displaying land reclamation acreage for the 9 counties involved •Table displaying total surface area disturbed by coal mining in Arkansas •Large hand colored map displaying both surface and underground coal mines, disturbed land, and reclaimed land as of 1978 in pocket
15 pages, 4 figure(s)
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