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Title: Ceramic Evaluation Of Arkansas Nepheline Syenite
Series Num: IC 16
Author: William J. Smothers, Norman F. Williams, Harry J Reynolds
Price: $4.00
Year Published: 1952
Description: This publication presents the results of ceramic tests conducted on Arkansas nepheline syenite. It includes: •A series of 21 tables that present the results of many different types of analyses of nepheline syenite, including, but not limited to: petrographic analysis; chemical analyses; test-body compositions; fired and unfired test bodies; various types of separation tests; wet sieve analysis; wet magnetic separation; properties of a fired brick clay containing syenite dust; strength tests, including modulus of rupture and tensile strength •Summary and Conclusions: No method was found that successfully removed sufficient iron to allow this resource to be used as a ceramic coating. Testing did show its usefulness as an additive to ceramic bodies, where it yields desirable fusion characteristics and a high strength glassy phase to the fired ceramic body. , 21 pages, 0 figures
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