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Title: Supplement To Ic-10 List Of Arkansas Oil And Gas Wells:  Data From November 1, 1936 To January 1, 1955
Series Num: IC 10 Supplement
Author: Walter L. Dobie, Homer D. Hughes
Price: $4.00
Year Published: 1956
Description: This publication is a compilation of data from oil and gas drilling from November 1, 1937 to January 1, 1955. It includes: •Four tables detailing Summary Statistics, Number of Wells Drilled and Production, Number of Wells drilled by District, Chronological List of Oil and Gas Field Discoveries •County-based table with the following information: Permit No., Owner, Lease/Well No., Legal Description of Location, TD, Collar Elevation, Date of Drilling/Completion, Electric Log filed, Remarks , 56 pages, 0 figures
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