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Title: Contributions To The Geology Of Arkansas: Volume Iv
Series Num: MP 18D
Author: J. Michael Howard
Price: $8.00
Year Published: 1999
Description: The fourth of a series of publications containing 3 short papers concerning the geology of Arkansas. Contributed papers are diverse in subject matter and generally narrow in scope. Papers in Volume IV include: •Arkansas Resources for Crushed-Stone Aggregate, by S. W. Kline, p. 1-43. •Summary of the 1990’s Exploration and Testing of the Prairie Creek Diamond-Bearing Lamproite Complex, Pike County, Arkansas, with a Field Guide, by J. M. Howard, p. 45-74. •Arkansas Geological Survey Publications, a record of 140 years of public service, by H. S. de Linde and J. M. Howard, p. 75-116. , 116 pages, 20 figures
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