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Title: Contributions To The Geology Of Arkansas: Volume Iii
Series Num: MP 18C
Author: John David, III McFarland
Price: $7.00
Year Published: 1988
Description: The third of a series of publications containing 8 short papers concerning the geology of Arkansas. Contributed papers are diverse in subject matter and generally narrow in scope. Papers in Volume III include: •Tidal-flat deposits of the Plattin Limestone (Middle Ordovician), northern Arkansas, by W. W. Craig, M. J. Deliz, and K. J. Legendre, p. 1-50. •Geochemistry of the Lower Ordovician dolomite of northern Arkansas, by G. H. Wagner, K. F. Steele, and D. L. Zachry, p. 51-64. •Initial natural gas discoveries from the Paleozoic Rocks of northern Arkansas, by W M. Caplan, p. 65-70. •Overview of natural gas production, Washington and Madison County [sic], Arkansas, by J. A. McEntire III, p. 71-78. •New heat flow investigations in Arkansas, by D. L. Smith and Len Fishkin, p. 79-84. •Macroscopic structural geology of the central Cossatot Mountains and surrounding areas, Benton uplift, Arkansas, by J. C. Weber and Jay Zimmerman, p. 85-94. •Provenance of the Jackfork Sandstone, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, by S. E. Danielson, P. K. Hankinson, K. D. Kitchings, and Alan Thomson, p. 95-112. •The Blakely "Mountain" Sandstone (Lower to Middle Ordovician) in its type area, by D. A. Danielson, Jr. and W. W. Craig, p.113-125.
125 pages, 70 figure(s)
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