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Title: Contributions To The Geology Of Arkansas: Volume Ii
Series Num: MP 18B
Author: John David, III McFarland, William V. Bush
Price: $8.00
Year Published: 1984
Description: The second of a series of publications containing 10 short papers concerning the geology of Arkansas. Contributed papers are diverse in subject matter and generally narrow in scope. Papers in Volume II include: •Silurian stratigraphy of the Arkansas Ozarks, by W. W. Craig, p. 5-32. •Basement rocks in northern Arkansas, by R. E. Denison, p. 33-50. •The Sylamore Sandstone of north-central Arkansas, with emphasis on the origin of its phosphate, by G. J. Horner and W. W. Craig, p. 51-86. •The geologic significance of textures of Paleozoic chert and novaculite in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma, by W. D. Keller, C. G. Stone, and A. L. Hoersch, p. 87-96. •Miserite, a review of world occurrences with a note on intergrown wollastonite, by Charles Milton, p. 97-114. •North Mountain mine – gold?, by G. P. Sick, p. 115-118. •Geology of the Blakely Sandstone in eastern Montgomery and western Garland Counties, Arkansas, by R. J. Stolarz and Jay Zimmerman, p. 135-146. •The upper Jackfork section, mile post 81, I-30, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, by D. M. Stone, D. N. Lumsden, and C. G. Stone, p. 147-160. •Reconnaissance structural geology in the western Mazarn Basin, southern Benton uplift, Arkansas, by Jay Zimmerman, K. A. Sverdrup, D. P. Evansin, and V. S. Ragan, p. 161-177.
168 pages, 67 figure(s)
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