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Title: Symposium On The Geology Of The Ouachita Mountains - Volume I
Series Num: MP 13
Author: Charles G. Stone, William V. Bush, Norman F. Williams, Drew F. Holbrook, John David, III McFarland, Boyd R. Haley
Price: $6.00
Year Published: 1977
Description: This publication is volume 1 of a two-volume set on the geology of the Ouachita Mountains. The symposium is dedicated to Hugh D. Miser and contains 4 papers in the dedication section relating to Dr. Miser, his life and times, and a selected bibliography of his work. This volume contains 13 papers covering such diverse topics as stratigraphy, structure, petrography, tectonics, and paleontology of the Ouachita sedimentary deposits. Paper titles include: •Structural and stratigraphic continuity of the Ouachita and Appalachian Mountains, by W. A. Thomas, p. 9-24. •Age of igneous and metamorphic activity affecting the Ouachita foldbelt, by R. E. Denison, W. H. Burke, J. B. Otto, and E. A. Hetherington, p. 25-40. •Marathon revisited, by P. B. King, p. 41-69. •Correlation of the Carboniferous rocks of the Ouachita Trough with those of the adjacent foreland, by MacKenzie Gordon, Jr., and C. G. Stone, p. 70-91. •Conodonts from Graptolite facies in the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma, by J. E. Repetski and R. L. Ethington, p. 92-106. •The occurrence and origin of the granite - meta-arkose erratics in the Ordovician Blakely Sandstone, Arkansas, by C. G. Stone and B. R. Haley, p. 107-111. •Meta-arkose boulder from Blakely Sandstone (Ordovician) Benton Quadrangle, Arkansas, by K. C. Jackson, p. 112-114. •Paleoenvironments and paleobathymetry of lower Paleozoic Crystal Mountain and Blakely Formations, Ouachita Mountain core, by D. K. Davies and E. A. Williamson, p. 115-131. •The Arkansas Novaculite: Some aspects of its physical sedimentation, by D. R. Lowe, p.132-138. •Arkansas Novaculite stratigraphy, by M. A. Sholes, p. 139-145. •Petrography of Stanley-Jackfork Sandstones, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by R. C. Morris, p. 146-157. •Flysch facies of the Ouachita Trough—with examples from the spillway at DeGray dam, Arkansas, by R. C. Morris, p. 158-168. •Internal sedimentary structures in sandstones of the Jackfork Group, Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma, by R. D. LoPiccolo, p. 169-174.
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