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Title: Ouachita Symposium
Series Num: MP 6
Author: Lewis M. Cline, William J. Hilseweck, Dan E. Feray
Price: $6.00
Year Published: 1959
Description: This symposium and field guide consists of two sections. The first is a collection of symposia papers and includes the following titles: •Ouachita problems, by C. W. Tomlinson, p. 1-19. •The Ouachita structural belt, by P. T. Flawn, p. 20-29. •Structure and vein quartz of the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas, by H. D. Miser, p. 30-43. •Structure of the Frontal Belt of the Ouachita Mountains, by T. A. Hendricks, p. 44-56. •Oil and gas possibilities of the Ouachita Province, by J. V. Howell and P. L. Lyons, p. 57-61. •The age of mineralization in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma, by B. J. Scull, p. 62-70. •Correlation of pre-Stanley strata in the Arbuckle-Ouachita Mountain regions, by W. E. Ham, p. 71-86. •Summary discussion of the geology of the core areas of the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma, by William D. Pitt, p. 87-91. •Correlation of lower Paleozoic Formations of the Arbuckle and Ouachita areas as indicated by graptolite zones, by C. E. Decker, p. 92-96. •Petrography of Paleozoic sandstones from the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas, by August Goldstein, Jr., p. 97-116. •Regional relationships of Ouachita Mississippian and Pennsylvanian rocks, by C. C. Branson, p. 118-121. •Some age relationships of Chesterian and Morrowan rocks in eastern Oklahoma, by R. B. Laudon, p. 122-129. •Age classification of the upper Pushmataha Series in the Ouachita Mountains, by B. H. Harlton, p. 130-139. •Some Mississippian conodonts from the Ouachita Mountains, by M. K. Elias, p. 141-165. •The Atoka of the McAlester Basin-Arkansas Valley region, by B. J. Scull, G. D. Glover, and Roger Planalp, p. 166-174. •Late Mississippian-Early Pennsylvanian stratigraphy of the Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma, by L. M. Cline and O. B. Shelburne, p. 175-208. The second portion consists of a 2-day field trip guidebook covering 14 stops in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma. The field trip began just southeast of Atoka in Atoka County and proceeded north and eastward, ending at Honobia in eastern Pushmataha County. The first day covers the stratigraphy and structural geology of the Frontal Ouachitas in the Atoka, Stringtown, and Hartshorne areas. The second day covers the geology from McAlester to Wilburton, Oklahoma, including a stop in the Potato Hills region and through Talihina to Honobia. The back of the guidebook includes some alternative stops along the eastern portion of the Kiamichi Range and three alternate stops in the Potato Hills. Accompanying the Guidebook in the second portion are: •Maps and cross-sections of the western part of the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma •Structure and gravity maps of southeaster Oklahoma Ouachita Mountains •Nine cross sections of the region •A geologic map of the western portion of the Lynn Mountain Syncline •A geologic map of the Boktukola Syncline •A geologic strip map of the Potato Hills
208 pages, 17 figure(s)
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