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Title: The Tertiary And Quaternary Geology Of Crowley's Ridge: A Guidebook
Series Num: GB 86-4
Author: E.M. Rutledge, William L. Prior, M.J. Guccione
Price: $6.00
Year Published: 1986
Description: The following aspects of the geology of Crowley's Ridge are discussed: •Road log and detailed description of 5 sites (Crow Creek, Wittsburg, Copperas Creek, Poplar Creek, and Liberty Church quarry) •General background, location and extent, geologic composition, history of formation •Detailed description and stratigraphic chart, source and distribution of the 3 Pleistocene loesses, Pliocene Sand and Gravel Unit, and the 3 Eocenen (Tertiary) Formations •Cross Sections •Mineralogy of the gravel and sand deposits •Description of buried soils, sediments, and structures in braided stream and meandering stream facies exposures •Depositional environments of rock formations , 39 pages, 16 figures
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