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Title: Sedimentary And Igneous Rocks Of The Ouachita Mountains Of Arkansas - A Guidebook With Contributed Papers, Part 2
Series Num: GB 86-3
Author: Charles G. Stone
Price: $8.00
Year Published: 1986
Description: This guidebook is part 2 of a two-volume set, the first part being GB 86-1. It includes descriptions of 13 stops in the eastern Ouachita Mountains. Discussion of structure, stratigraphy, and lithology of the major sedimentary units of the area are stressed. Two stops at mineralized areas, including the Warner Soapstone pits and the Geomex quartz mine, are presented. The stops are profusely illustrated with photographs, maps, and cross-sections. Contributed papers include: •Pennsylvanian paleogeography for the Ozarks, Arkoma, and Ouachita Basins in east-central Arkansas, by M. H. Link and M. T. Roberts, p. 37-60. •Fossil plants from the Jackfork Sandstone in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, by J. R. Jennings, p. 61-71. •Late Cambrian North American trilobites and the structural geology of the Jessieville area in Garland County, Arkansas, by W. D. Hart, James Stitt, and C. G. Stone, p. 73-78. •The problem of antivergent structures in the Ouachita thrust belt, by Jay Zimmerman, p. 79-86. •A preliminary report on the metagabbros of the Ouachita core, by E. M. Morris and C.G. Stone, p. 87-90. •The syenites of Granite Mountain, Arkansas: A progress report, by E. M. Morris, p.91-98.
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