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Title: Guidebook: Economic Geology Of Central Arkansas
Series Num: GB 86-1
Author: Arkansas Geological Survey
Price: $3.00
Year Published: 1986
Description: This 2-day field trip guidebook describes 6 stops related to economic geology and mineral commodities in the eastern and southern Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. The stop descriptions include site maps for each stop. Stop descriptions comprise the body of this guidebook and include: •Alcoa bauxite mine, Saline County, Arkansas, by Staff, Arkansas Geological Commission, p.1-2. •Prairie Creek kimberlite (lamproite), by L. G. Krol, p. 3-12. •Barite in the western Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by A. W. Mitchell, p. 13-20. •Geology of Magnet Cove, by Staff, Arkansas Geological Commission, p. 21-25. •Christy vanadium-titanium mine, by J. M. Howard, p. 27. •Geomex quartz crystal mine, by C. G. Stone, p. 29-30. , 31 pages, 14 figures
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