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Title: Ground-Water Levels In Observation Wells In Arkansas, Spring, 1980
Series Num: WRS 15
Author: Arkansas Geological Survey
Price: $4.00
Year Published: 1980
Description: This report contains records of water-level measurements from wells in Arkansas which comprise the statewide observation-well network maintained by the US Geological Survey. The report includes: •A set of tables giving the results of water-level measurements from wells tapping deposits of Quaternary age, the Cockfield Formation, Cook Mountain Formation, Sparta Sand (Memphis Aquifer), Cane River Formation, Carrizo Sand, Wilcox Group, Nacatoch Sand, Tokio Formation, Trinity Group, Atoka or Jackfork Sandstone, Cotter Dolomite, Everton Formation, Roubidoux Sandstone, Gunter Sandstone Member of the Gasconade, and Potosi-Eminence Dolomite, 1980 and their net changes from 1976 •Potentiometric levels map in the Quaternary Alluvium, 1980 •Potentiometric levels map in the Sparta Sand, Spring 1980 •Water-level hydrographs for selected wells tapping the Quaternary alluvium for the years 1971-1980 •Water-level hydrographs for selected wells tapping the Sparta Sand for the years 1971-1980
45 pages, 5 figure(s)
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