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Title: Heavy-Mineral Sands Of The Tokio Formation In Southwest Arkansas
Series Num: IC 34
Author: William D. Hanson
Price: $5.00
Year Published: 1997
Description: This report presents the results of field and drilling investigations into deposits of heavy mineral sands in the Tokio Formation (Cretaceous) in southwest Arkansas. A drilling project was conducted near Mineral Springs in Howard County. The publication includes: •Generalized outcrop map of the Tokio Formation •Drill hole location map •Isopleth map showing heavy mineral cumulative average by percent •Discussion of economic aspects of known heavy mineral deposits in Arkansas •Appendix A contains chemical analyses of 36 project drill hole samples for percent heavy minerals total, percent heavy mineral cumulative averages, and percent titanium dioxide cumulative averages •Appendix B contains petrographic analyses (arranged by screen size) of heavy minerals in 41 samples , 45 pages, 5 figures
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