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Title: Spectrographic Analysis Of Early And Middle Ordovician Age Rocks In Montgomery County And Vicinity, Arkansas
Series Num: IC 30
Author: Marjorie S. Erickson, Barbara Chazin, Boyd R. Haley
Price: $2.00
Year Published: 1986
Description: This report is a summary of spectrographic analyses for 31 elements for samples obtained from 6 drill holes in Montgomery County. Two of the drill holes were from the Arkansas Geological Commission (MI-1 and MCG-1) and four were from holes released to the AGC by Exxon Minerals Corporation (MC-1, MC-4, MC-4A, MC-5). The report includes: •A location map of the drill holes •Stratigraphic position and lithologic descriptions of rocks penetrated by drill holes •A table displaying limits of determinations for spectrographic analyses for elements •A table displaying 25 chemical analyses for each of 208 samples (6 elements were below instrumental detection limits and are not included in the table) , 10 pages, 2 figures
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